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Hello Dear Readers, I’m so glad to be back in the land of the living once more. I’m delighted to tell you that Miss Daisy the Vintage Caravan had her first outing over the weekend which was a huge success with only a few hiccups. Most people would start a new venture off slowly and gradually build up to a large event, not me though I threw my self and all my helpers in head first, It was a huge two day Rock-a-Billy event, GreazeFest Kustom Culture at Sandown Race course in Melbourne. It was the first time it had been held in Melbourne so no one really new how big it would be. Well it was huge, not that I got to see anything other than the four walls of the Caravan.


I had a thousand and one lists for about two weeks prior, which consisted of all sorts of thing, coffee cups, lids, a cash register, petite cash, coffee beans, sugar, stirrers, getting all electrical tagged and tested, spoons, hot chocolate mix the list goes on and on, but you get the idea. It was a busy time trying to organize it all, my friend summed it up nicely its like packing for a huge trip, you always think you are going to forget something. I had to bake the cakes the day before and then ice them the morning of, I was so nervous about how it would go, or if I would forget anything, I had about 3 hours sleep the night before even though I was so tired I couldn’t sleep due to shear nervous. My friend, Betty from Betty’s Kustom Cakes had offered to give me a helping hand on the Saturday, I was so grateful as not only was it another person she is a pro at making coffees. The thought that she was coming along took away so much of the stress.



My Mum and Dad had arrived a few days earlier to also help me out with all the running around, just in case I ran out of anything such a milk, between you and me it happened a few times, luckily Dad was there to go down to the supermarket and get some more. Mum was outside the caravan most of the day answering peoples questions about my Baking Book which was on display and also about Hiring the Caravan, She sat out there for two days even though she had lost her voice. My sister came on the Sunday to give me a hand and help with the till.


The Saturday morning, Betty meet us at the caravan and we set off, we were meant to lead the way in Betty’s car and Mum and Dad were to follow towing the Caravan. I had given my Mum my phone with the navigation lady talking to get them there just encase they lost us. Well they set off with the nav lady talking and didn’t wait for us. So I rang them on Bettys phone which was very low on battery to ask where they were and they said they were going to follow the navigation and we would all meet at the Racecourse. About 40 mins into the drive I get a phone call from Mum saying the Navigation Lady stopped talking to them and they didn’t know where to go, so I told them to pull over and we would figure out where they were. Just then Bettys phone dies. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, this was shaping up to be a great day already, a lost Mum, Dad and a Caravan, which needed to be at the Race course right then. But Betty to the rescue she pulled over, and ran into the 7 eleven and asked to use a power point so we could charge her phone. We got her phone working again and were able to direct Ma and Pa to where we were. Yay, first hiccup of the day diverted.


We got to the race course and most of the food vendors had started to set up and some where already finished. So we all quickly started to set Miss Daisy up, there was no power as someone had taken it away the night before so the organizers had to hunt down an electrician so we could pug in and power up the coffee machine.

As we waited for power, Betty made up the awesome sign that hung on the front of the caravan, doesn’t it look great! Betty is such a talent, you should check out her awesome cakes, one of which she brought to sell in Miss Daisy, it fitted in so well, being pink with fresh cherry’s on top, it completely sold out. Dad filled Miss Daisy’s water tanks and Mum set up the table outside with the sugars, napkins and My Baking Book ‘A Piece of Cake’.


We hadn’t finished setting up and the coffee machine hadn’t warmed up enough before people start asking if we were serving yet, and from that point on they just kept coming, and didn’t stop. About 1 hour into it the coffee grinder stops grinding and I have a small freak out and think oh know what an earth am I going to do. We will have to pack up and go home if we haven’t got a grinder to grind the coffee. I yell out to Dad to please HELP!!!! and whip the grinder out of the caravan. I pour the coffee beans out from the grinder into my hand and out pops a bolt, Dad has a play around with it and puts the bolt back into it, and tar dar, she is up and running again. BUT…….. 30 mins later the grinder dies again, so again I call Dad over, and we pour the coffee beans out and sure enough the bolt comes out again, however this time the washer was well and truly jammed between the two blades. This time Dad has to try and wedge it out with a screwdriver we brought, and manages to do so, this time Mum and Dad try to tighten the bolt with the wrentch we brough however its to big. So Mum goes to see the Bikers and asked them if they have any pliers, which they do, so Dad tightens it up and it was good for the rest of the festival. Thank God for Mums and Dads who can fix anything!!!! Hiccup number two diverted.


We were so rushed off our feet, I kept telling Betty how much I loved her, and how glad I was she had come along. Dad jumped on the till and Betty and I were making coffees for most of the day. Betty said I can’t leave you so she stayed the whole day and then took the next day off work to come back and help me all over again. How lucky am I to have such an awesome family and friend to help me out in my 20 hours of need. One Lucky Girl.

The second day ran so much smoother and there were no problems, my sister came and gave me a hand as well so we had an extra helper. Even though it was a super busy and crazy weekend, and I didn’t really get to leave the caravan, I had so much fun and am so glad I have spent the past year doing Miss Daisy up. It wasn’t really until I stood back and looked at Miss Daisy with the signs up, her cakes on display, people lined up and my everyone working within her, did I feel a sense of wow I actually did it, I got her up and running and people are actually buying things from her. Now we just have to find some more events for her to go to. So if you know of any events happening in Melbourne please let us know.


Rasperry and Almond Tart
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 4
  • 115g butter
  • 1⅓ cups plain Gluten free flour
  • ¼ cup sugar
  • 50g butter
  • ½ sugar
  • 1 egg
  • ⅔ cup plain gluten free flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 cup raspberries
  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C.
  2. Cut the butter into cubes, and then rub into the flour until it resembles fine breadcrumbs. Add the sugar, and stir through. Stir in the egg yolk until combined, and then use your hands to work the mixture until well combined. Roll out the pastry, and place into four small 8cm tart tin, then cover it with cling-film and chill for 30 minutes. Prick the base with a fork and blind bake
  3. for 10 minutes, then remove the beans and bake for a further 10 minutes.
  4. To make the filling, cream the butter and sugar in a bowl, add the egg and combine. Then fold in the flour and baking powder until incorporated. Press the mixture into the cooked case, can be while still hot or once cooled. Then press the raspberries on top of the mixture, sprinkle with almonds and place in the oven. Bake for 35–40.














    • Sophia says

      Hi Di,
      Nice to hear from you! I had ma and pa working there fingers to the bone, they are the best. Hope your all keeping well xxx

    • Sophia says

      Thanks Lindsey,
      Wish you could have stopped by too, its a bit of a plane ride though:) It was such fun had such a great day. Just have to find some more events to go to now. Hope your well.

  1. Grace says

    Hi Sophia,

    You are so right. We are nowhere if we don’t have friends and family by our side to help when needed and Wow your need certainly looked like a laugh a min, as all I see is smiling faces!!

    I am sure you will be booked all summer (lets hope) and you get to do it all over again! Miss Daisy looking so lovely!

    Always G

    • Sophia says

      Hi G,
      Yes it was such fun, was pretty cold outside the caravan, but nice and cosy inside. I hope I’ll be booked up too, wouldn’t that be awesome.

  2. says

    Congratulations Sophia, your caravan looks great, you know, your living my dream. Have fun and I wish you great success!! Love your book cover!

    • Sophia says

      Thanks Anne, I hope you will live your dream too!!! My friend has just brought a little caravan also and is going to start living her dream too, you should just do it. One step at a time is all it takes. I live by that rule otherwise it all becomes to overwhelming. It is so much fun once you see it all up and running.

  3. Sarita says

    Hello Sophia,
    Well, you did it! congratulations on your book and caravan and your successful first day out with the caravan. So glad to read of your successes; may you go a long way my dear. I’ve been sending your blog out all over the world to people I know. Lovely to see photos of all of you-kushla, mum, dad and you of course!
    Many Many more happy caravaning and baking days,

    • Sophia says

      Hello Beautiful Sarita,
      So lovely to hear from you, thank you for all your kind words. Thank you so much for send my blog out to everyone you know, my followers are slowly growing so it is getting out there. I hear you may be moving to Melbourne that would be great, how exciting. Ok well keep in contact. Love Sophia xxx

  4. Patrizia says

    Hi Sophia, Hi Purvis Family,
    so nice to see people who have the courage to realize their dreams…. A coffee shop with a vibe! So glad of you!
    Greetings from Malta, the first country in Europe to have bought a copy of your great book!

    • Sophia says

      Hi Patrizia,

      Great to hear from you, thank you for your warm wishes. Thats so right your the only person in Europe to have a copy of my book, funny :) Hope life is treating you well, all the best my friend.

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