Coffee Pavlova



If you follow me on facebook you would know that a couple of weekends ago I went to Tasmania, what a beautiful part of the world it is. If you have never been I think you should stop what your doing and run and jump on a plane and head down there, or up depending on what part of the world you are in. The people there a so lovely the pace of life is slower and you will settle in like your home. I went there with a friend I have know since I was about 11, it doesn’t matter where we live or what part of the world we are in, when we get together its like we have never been a part, thats what you call a true friend. Years and time can pass and your friendship remains. I am very lucky as I have moved around a fair bit I have a number of these types of friends and I treasure there friendship and always will…. 

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Rhubarb Cheesecake

    A few weeks ago I made my television debut on Vasili’s Garden to Kitchen show. Vasili owns a gardening centre in Coburg, the suburb where my studio is. He has kindly taken on some of my books in his store. As away to help me promote my book and get the book out… 

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Muesli Slice

Well Miss Daisy’s second event is now done and dusted, and what a show it was. We were so lucky to be able to attend the first Melbourne Cake Bake and Sweet Show. I was in baking heaven, there were so many stalls to choose from, and this time unlike the last event we went… 

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Sponge Cake

  I have been super busy these past couple of days baking my little heart out in Miss Daisy, I’ve been working my poor little caravan over time. We are off to the Melbourne Cake, Bake and Sweet Show which starts tomorrow and goes till Sunday.  I hope I will see some of my Melbourne… 

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

Through blogging you meet so many amazing bloggers who are so positive and supportive about your work. They come from far and wide and although you have never meet them in person and perhaps never will you can’t help but form a friendship with them, after all we are in the same boat sharing the… 

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